What the heck is #Gabriel?

#Gabriel is a channel on the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network FDFnet.net where people get together to chat and play trivia. You can find us by using the server irc.fdfnet.net in your chat software.
What's New in #Gabriel?
With GABZILLA.COM making its presence felt in the net community, it is only appropriate that she gets some form of face lift.  As a start, we have changed the colour scheme, with more exciting changes to come in the future.

If you have any suggestion for the new look or would simply like to give your feedback, please email the webmaster.

Thank you once again to all #Gabriel members for visiting and making this a popular website!

Stop back again soon!

#Gabriel Gallery
Ever wanted to put faces to the people you chat with?  Here's the Gallery with most members' mug shots!  [Click Here]

#Gabriel Stats Page
Big Brother is watching the channel! [Click Here] to see what he knows.

#Gabriel IRC
We have a "web chat" which enables you to go into #Gabriel from the web.  Join us for some of the best trivia on IRC.  [Click Here]

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