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..:  Welcome to #Gabriel Gallery  :..

Here you will find pictures of many of the ops and regulars of #Gabriel. If you would like your own picture here, please attach it to an email and send it.

The gallery has been divided into 3 sections.  They are as follows;

  • Ops - The ones who believe they are the rulers of the channel, but in actual fact a very friendly bunch who have been in and around the channel for a very long time!  Visit the Ops Gallery.

  • Regulars - These are typically the trivia buffs, with the occasional addicts staying through the nights to get that extra win on the board.  Along with the ops, this bunch makes the channel a very lively and more often than not, interesting place to 'hang out'.  Visit the Regulars Gallery.

  • Old Friends - Once regulars to the channel, these have now found life outside IRC!  If it wasn't for these friends, this channel would not have sustained its popularity over the years.  Visit the Old Friends Gallery.
Please feel free to send any comments regarding #Gabriel Gallery.  Your feedback is much appreciated!

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